Bob Cupp Memorial Golf League completes competitive first two weeks


BUCKHANNON — Since league play opened up just over two weeks ago, the teams participating the 2022Buckhannon Country Club’s Bob Cupp Memorial Golf have been showing off just how competitive this league is, as several of the matches within the open two weeks decided by thin matches.  

Week one, saw the teams of Baker Tilly and Hank Ellis Insurance establish themselves as premier threats for the league’s team title, with the two claiming a pair of convincing victories against the teams of High Point Construction and Sam’s Pizza, respectively.  

As week two got underway last Wednesday, April 20, the UniFirst Corporation team pushed themselves out to an early season lead with a strong day on the course in their match against week one’s dominate team, Baker Tilly. UniFirst Corporation beat Baker Tilly to grab sole control of first-place in the standings at the end of week two, with a 18-16 lead. The win pushes their total on the year to 36 1/2 points.  

While the Baker Tilley team came up short in terms of team success, Owen Bragg earned praise for individual performance, taking both Low Actual and Low Net honors for his play during his team’s close loss.  

Deadlocked in a tie for second-place in the Bob Cupp Memorial Golf League are the teams of: Hank Ellis Insurance and Custom Cabinets, who each trail UniFirst Corporation by just a 1/2 point in the standings. Both the second-place teams won their matches this week, with Hank Ellis Insurance beating First Community Bank (17 1/2 - 14) and Custom Cabinets beating Feola’s Flowers (18 1/2 - 14 1/2). The wins by both second-place teams offers a glimpse at what is shaping up to be a very interesting race for who sits atop the week #3 leaderboards.  

The team representing Highland Landscaping held firm in its week #1 position at fourth-place, despite suffering a setback to Sam’s Pizza in a close match (18-17 1/2), while Lisa Cain Edward Jones easily outlasted the High Point Construction team (18 - 14).  

The standings, as well as top individual performances from the first two weeks are as follows: 

Lisa Cain Edward Jones 18, High Point Construction 14

Feola’s Flowers 14 1⁄2, Custom Cabinets 18 1⁄2

Highland Landscaping 17 1⁄2, Sam’s Pizza 18

First Community Bank 14, Hank Ellis Insurance 17 1⁄2

UniFirst Corporation 18, Baker Tilly 16


1. Unifirst Corporation

2. Hank Ellis Insurance

3. Custom Cabinets

4. Highland Landscaping

5. Baker Tilly

6. Lisa Cain Edward Jones

7. Sam’s Pizza

8. Feola’s Flowers

9. High Point Construction

10. First Community Bank

This Week’s Schedule: 

Baker Tilly vs First Community Bank

Sam’s Pizza vs UniFirst Corporation 

Hank Ellis Insurance vs Feola’s Flowers 

High Point Construction vs Highland Landscaping Custom Cabinets vs Lisa Cain Edward Jones Feola’s Flowers 17 1⁄2, Highland Landscaping 18 

High Point Construction 16, Baker Tilly 19 

First Community Bank 14, Custom Cabinets 17 1⁄2 

Lisa Cain Edward Jones 16 1⁄2, UniFirst Corporation 18 1⁄2  

Sam’s Pizza 14 1⁄2, Hank Ellis Insurance 18 1⁄2 


1. Baker Tilly

2. Hank Ellis Insurance

3. Unifirst Corporation

4. Highland Landscaping

5. Feola’s Flowers

6. Custom Cabinets

7. Lisa Cain Edward Jones

8. High Point Construction

9. Sam’s Pizza

10. First Community Bank

Chris Brady, Highland Landscaping 38

John Moss, Custom Cabinets 38

Lynn Helmick, Custom Cabinets 40

Doug Garrett, Unifirst Corporation 40 Evan Coffman, First Community Bank 40

Bobby Russell, Lisa Cain Edward Jones 40

J. C. Moss, High Point Construction 35

Lynn Helmick, Custom Cabinets 35

John Moss, Custom Cabinets 36

Mike Tenney, Baker Tilly 36

Chris Brady, Highland Landscaping 36

Tim Critchfield, High Point Construction 36

Jacob Reger, First Community Bank 36

Bobby Russell, Lisa Cain Edward Jones 36


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