Blades & Fades expands services at new location

BUCKHANNON — Local tattoo artist, Kloe Tankersley, and Elkins-native barber, Abby Harman, recently joined forces to bring a one-of-a-kind business to Buckhannon.

Harman has owned and operated her Blades & Fades barber shop for nearly three years, which was previously located on Wood Street. After planning to relocate her shop, Harman decided to expand her dreams even further, and teamed up with Tankersley to offer tattoos and haircuts in one stop.

Kloe Tankersley previously worked with Infiniti’s Downtown Tattoos on the corner of Spring and Main, which was decimated by the Main Street fire on October 5. After losing her workspace at Infiniti, the timing was perfect to join Harman in their brand new endeavor. Harman shared, “Kloe and I had always tossed around the idea of opening up a unique space unlike any other business here in Buckhannon!”

Blades & Fades is newly renovated and open to the public at 10 N. Spring Street in Buckhannon. Harman added, “Customers can expect a free flowing environment where all walks of life are welcome inside of our business! This newly remodeled space is very open and airy! It’s a great space to converse with people, just like back in the old days at any old barbershop you’d walk into.”

Now in partnership with Kloe Carr Tattoos, the barber shop/tattoo parlor provides a unique pair of services to all customers. Tankersley explained, “This partnership will change the game for the both of us! It’s great to be our own bosses and be in a work environment with another empowering woman. We not only feed off each other’s positive energy, but now we both have a wider range of clientele. I’ve already had clients stop in for a tattoo and get their hair cut before they leave!”

Support these two local, female, small-business owners by making an appointment for a haircut, a tattoo—or both! Call (304) 460-2099 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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