BFD responds to dryer fire

BUCKHANNON — “Quick thinking” by a local homeowner and amazing response time by the Buckhannon Fire Department prevented a bad situation from turning worse Wednesday afternoon.

According to BFD Career Firefighter John Brugnoli, dryer lint buildup was the cause of a small fire in a Randolph Street home, which he said is “one of the leading causes in the nation of fires.”

Firefighter Brugnoli mentioned that many people run their dryer hoses for considerable distances and in locations that can be difficult to access or clean. However, he offered a cheap solution and stated, “They make some very inexpensive dryer vent cleaners you can buy anywhere that attach to a drill and they are great. We have been recommending them to a lot of people who ask us how to clean them out.”

Upshur Communications Center dispatched the call at 1:40 p.m. and according to Firefighter Brugnoli, the BFD had a unit on scene in 4 minutes. “We were there extremely fast due to great Communications Center dispatching and in-house staffing,” Brugnoli emphasized. He said they initially had a full structure fire response with nine firefighters on scene within 10 minutes of the tones going out, but they were able to cancel excess responders once they knew the situation was under control.

Brugnoli also credited the homeowner’s “quick thinking” to turn off the breakers and squelch the fire that had started in the dryer with preventing any major damage to the home. So, if you haven’t cleaned out your dryer vent lately, there’s no time like the present to stop a preventable house fire.


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