BFD Lieutenant promoted at City Hall meeting

BUCKHANNON — Thursday evening, Buckhannon City Council recognized Captain Franklin “Linn” Baxafor his promotion from Lieutenant to Captain, joined by his family, friends, and the Buckhannon Fire Department.

Baxa’s brother and fellow fireman, Captain Joey Baxa, had the proud opportunity to help in recognizing his brother’s rank promotion. “The Buckhannon Fire Department has a promotional process that we have to go through to achieve rank. Throughout that, there’s a couple different tests, there’s a couple different classes, there’s thousands of pages of reading. But, above that, you have to earn the respect of those you work with. I feel like Linn has done that greatly, and this is a proud moment for me as his brother and also his co-worker.”

Linn Baxa’s wife, Corie, and son, Jackson, helped to pin his Captain’s badge.

Holding Baxa’s new, white pin, Mayor Robbie Skinner shared his remarks. “As I’m looking at this, this will never be this clean again. It’s because of the work that these gentlemen and these ladies do for our community everyday. Watching them on scenes, at car wrecks, and saving lives,” Skinner said. “We’re reminded of the sacrifice that they all provide for this community. They don’t do it for the money, they don’t do it because it’s a glamorous job. They do it because they love this place, they love the people here, and they want our people to be safe. They want our people to be well taken care of.”


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