Belington man facing 13 counts of sexual abuse

UPSHUR COUNTY — Daniel Scott Grogg, age 28 of Belington, has been arrested and is facing four counts of Sexual Abuse in the first degree, Use of Minor to Produce Obscene Matter or Assist in Doing Sexually Explicit Conduct and nine counts of Sexual Abuse in the second degree.

According to court documentation, around July 4, 2017, Daniel Grogg allegedly provided a 14-year-old juvenile and her sister with alcoholic beverages. The criminal complaint goes on to further to state that, during a separate incident, Grogg allegedly followed a 15-year-old juvenile victim into a bathroom and began to “touch her inappropriately” after the victim had repeatedly told him “no.” A second incident was reported to officials, and allegedly happened the same night. Grogg allegedly walked into the victim’s bedroom and laid on top of her while “tugging on her pants.” The victim stated that she tried to push Grogg off her but was overpowered.

Another criminal complaint stated that, beginning in February of 2018, another juvenile victim stated that Grogg allegedly forced sexual intercourse upon her. The victim stated that this unwanted sexual intercourse allegedly occurred about once a month between February and September of 2018. The victim recalled three to four alleged sexual assault occurrences that took place in her bedroom at a residence in Upshur County. The victim also stated that Grogg both physically and sexually assaulted her.

As stated by a victim, “Grogg would (allegedly) use his position in the family to persuade victims to not say anything due to fear the family would be mad at them.”

Documentation states that a third victim, who was 13 years old, was also allegedly sexually assaulted by Grogg. She stated that she tried to push him off her but was ultimately overpowered.

A fourth victim stated that she had allegedly been sexually abused by Grogg. The victim stated that she smacked Grogg and commanded him repeatedly to “stop.” A second incident happened where the victim repeatedly smacked him again and she yelled for an individual. A relative of the defendant stated, she did witness the defendant inappropriately smack the victim and further stated that when the defendant “gets drunk, he thinks everyone wants him, so I wouldn’t put it past him to have grabbed all over her wanting more.”

Daniel Grogg is currently being held at Tygart Valley Regional Jail and will remain detained until a combined total of a $250,000 cash only bond is posted.


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