Basketball Buccaneers post winning record during 2019-20 campaign

Ryan Hurst led the Buckhannon-Upshur basketball team during the 2019-20 season in scoring, assists and steals. The junior guard scored 16.6 points per game and averaged 4.3 assists and 1.8 steals per contest. The Bucs posted a 12-11 record during the season.

TENNERTON – The continuing improvement of the Buckhannon-Upshur boys’ basketball program was on display during the 2019-20 season.

Buckhannon-Upshur head coach Travis Foster guided his team to a 12-11 record, their first winning season in over a decade.

The 12 wins was a three-victory improvement over last season’s 9-14 team.

“It has been a goal of ours since I got the job 2 1/2 years ago to just work as hard as we can when others aren't working and good things will happen sooner or later,” remarked Foster. “So after each season we just set new goals of getting better in the offseason and to set our goals for the season to just win one more game than last year. Once the boys found out there have been only four winning seasons in the past 25 years roughly, so that was a goal of ours. That and we all wanted to get double-digit wins. We all feel like we could have won four or five more games this season so that was a little disappointing, but again we pinch ourselves to remind us that we can’t rush the process, just trust the process. So to get the winning season this early is a true sign of the boys hard work. They deserved a winning season. Many have no idea the work they put in outside of season, giving up many things they could commit to outside of school. They have all bought into what we are doing. I'm honored to get to coach them.”

The season featured several highs as the Bucs won the Brooke Holiday Invitational Tournament. They beat Pennsylvania’s No. 1 team at the time in Meadville for the


They also earned a home top15 win over Musselman.

“Those were two big wins for us,” stated Foster. “We keep telling our kids, why not us? Why can't we be the team to pull off an upset? We work way too hard not to surprise a couple good teams, and wow, how good did that feel for the boys? It gave them confidence to know what we are capable of through hard work. Not by talking about it, but by getting better through commitment even when it's not popular. No one likes to work hard if they might fail. Our boys have surpassed that. Every time we fail we get better. We could schedule a cupcake schedule very easily, but that wouldn't help us get better. The feeling of beating a top-ranked team while you’re the underdog was deserved by these boys.”

The success of the campaign was fueled by junior guard Ryan Hurst.

Hurst led the team in scoring, assists and steals.

He averaged 16.6 points per game, 4.3 assists per game and 1.8 steals per contest.

The lone senior on the team, Ryan Strader, paced the team in rebounds averaging 5.9 per game while scoring 6.5 points per game.

Junior forward Josh Loudin led the team in blocks with 25, was second on the team in rebounds with 5.7 per game and was third in scoring with 8.7 points per game.

He also led the team with five double-doubles.

Sophomore guard Lamar Hurst was second in scoring with 10.0 points per game while adding 4.4 rebounds per contest.

With just one senior on the roster at the end of the season (Strader), Foster was able to provide plenty of playing time to his young squad.

“Ryan Strader is irreplaceable,”said Foster. “What he gave us on the floor, in practice, off the court, in the classroom is very unique to see out of a teenager. A kid with his smile as big as his heart, but when the game started you wanted him on your side. He gave us everything and more that you expect out of a senior. However with him being our only senior, it really gave us a chance to play and move a lot of our young guys around and put them in positions they normally wouldn't see for a year or so and sometimes getting that youth some exposure hurt you at the moment, but we also have to look at the program and the programs future. If I can get some minutes out of young guys now then we will just be a step ahead come next year when we see top five schools on our schedule. We believe it takes 9-12 players all on the same page to win a state championship and our goal is to get as many kids ready because you never know who won't be here tomorrow.”

With two weeks to reflect now, Foster said he is pleased with how the 2019-20 season went.

“Overall I feel very pleased with how the season ended,”remarked Foster. “I say that as a whole program with all three teams (freshmen, junior varsity and varsity). It's interesting to look back the past three months and sometimes say, how did we do this? Including the scrimmages, flex days and games we coached over 60 games in one season, that's a lot, but we made it through. We had our ups and downs on the court but that's to be expected with a very young team playing the teams we are playing. More importantly I think our program grew in a very positive direction. Our boosters program of parents did an excellent job of working together to continue the growth of the boosters program. What most people don't see is how great our parents were as a family.”

Foster had the unequivocally difficult task this winter of coaching all three teams this year.

“It was the right thing to do,” noted Foster. “We simply couldn’t push aside our freshman as we grow this program.”

The freshman posted a 4-6 record, while the junior varsity team compiled a solid 16-5 record.

“I want to give special thanks to my coaches for standing by me coaching three teams for three months,” concluded Foster. “I also want to thank my players for never giving up on me, my players’ families for their positive support of the program, and my administration Mr. Rick Reynolds and Mr. Eddie Vincent, and the community for supporting us on a level that makes you very proud and gives you hope and confidence and joy seeing these boys grow into young men. It's my honor!”

The statistics:


Buck.-Upshur 316 365 386 357 14 – 1438

Opponents 338 291 362 342 12 – 1345



Ryan Hurst – 382 (16.6 average)

Lamar Hurst – 229 (10.0 average)

Josh Loudin – 200 (8.7 average)

Zach White – 198 (7.8 average)

Will McCauley – 178 (7.7 average)

Ryan Strader – 149 (6.5 average)

Harrison Walker – 58 (3.6 average)

Tyler Sandreth – 27 (3.4 average)

Noam Keith – 59 (3.3 average)

Mason Hyre – 30 (1.8 average)

Sterlin Thropp – 6 (1.2 average)

Euan Kettle – 9 (1.1 average)

Oliver King – 2 (0.5 average)

B-U Totals – 1438 (62.5 points per game)

Opponents Totals – 1345 (58.5 points

per game)


Ryan Hurst – 36

Lamar Hurst – 15

Mason Hyre – 5

Tyler Sandreth – 3

Harrison Walker – 3

Will McCauley – 2

Euan Kettle – 2

B-U Totals – 66-205

Opponent Totals – 121-390



Ryan Hurst – 46-57 (80.7%)

Josh Loudin – 26-34 (76.5%)

Harrison Walker – 9-12 (75.0%)

Lamar Hurst – 48-68 (70.6%)

Will McCauley – 26-38 (68.4%)

Noam Keith – 11-19 (57.9%)

Zach White – 15-27 (55.5%)

Euan Kettle – 1-2 (50.0%)

Ryan Strader – 25-53 (47.2%)

Mason Hyre – 1-6 (16.7%)

B-U Totals – 208-316 (65.8%)

Opponent Totals – 250-385 (65.0%)


Games played-Games started

Ryan Hurst – 23-23

Ryan Strader – 23-23

Lamar Hurst – 23-15

Will McCauley – 23-12

Josh Loudin – 23-8

Noam Keith – 18-6

Mason Hyre – 17-2

Harrison Walker – 16-10

Zach White – 14-9

Tyler Sandreth – 8-7

Euan Kettle – 8-0

Sterlin Thropp 5-0

Oliver King – 4-0


Ryan Hurst – 99

Josh Loudin – 46

Ryan Strader – 33

Will McCauley – 31

Lamar Hurst – 30

Mason Hyre – 21

Harrison Walker – 12

Tyler Sandreth – 10

Noam Keith – 6

Zach White – 4

Euan Kettle – 3

B-U Totals – 295 (12.8 per game)

Opponent Totals — 257 (11.2 per game)


Ryan Hurst – 42

Ryan Strader – 38

Will McCauley – 18

Lamar Hurst – 16

Josh Loudin – 16

Mason Hyre – 9

Tyler Sandreth – 8

Zach White – 8

Harrison Walker – 7

Noam Keith – 1

B-U Totals – 163 (7.1 per game)

Opponent Totals —186 (8.1 per game)



Ryan Strader – 51-84=135 (5.9 average)

Josh Loudin – 56-76=132 (5.7 average)

Will McCauley – 43-79=122 (5.3 average)

Lamar Hurst – 36-65=101 (4.4 average)

Zach White – 27-33=60 (4.3 average)

Ryan Hurst – 33-57=90 (3.9 average)

Noam Keith – 19-13=32 (1.8 average)

Harrison Walker – 6-22=28 (1.8 average)

Tyler Sandreth – 5-9=14 (1.8 average)

Mason Hyre – 5-19=24 (1.4 average)

Euan Kettle – 1-5=6 (0.8 average)

Oliver King – 0-2=2 (0.5 average)

Sterlin Thropp – 1-1=2 (0.4 average)

B-U Totals – 314-519=865 (37.6 per game)

Opponent Totals – 244-385=688 (29.9

per game)


Josh Loudin – 25

Lamar Hurst – 20

Will McCauley – 19

Ryan Hurst – 3

Mason Hyre – 3

Noam Keith – 1

Zach White – 1

B-U Totals – 82 (3.6 per game)

Opponent Totals – 45 (2.0 per game)


Josh Loudin – 5

Will McCauley – 4

Ryan Hurst – 1

Ryan Strader – 1

Zach White – 1


(12-11 record)

At Wheeling Park L, 51-71

Lincoln L, 43-37

Preston W, 80-64

Brooke Holiday Tournament

At Brooke W, 82-41

Vs. Meadville (Pa.) W, 66-53

At Riverside W, 84-57

At Lewis County W, 64-36

At North Marion L, 57-68

Grafton W, 73-63

At Liberty W, 74-41

Fairmont Senior L, 47-50

Elkins W, 50-35

East Fairmont, W, 73-61

At Robert C. Byrd L, 46-57

Morgantown L, 55-78

At Philip Barbour L, 74-77

At Bridgeport, L, 50-57

At Elkins W, 60-54

Musselman W, 73-71

Parkersburg W, 72-53

University L, 58-75

Lewis County L, 57-58

Sectional Tournament

At Morgantown L, 49-71


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