BAES opens Wellness Room for teachers and staff

BUCKHANNON — Teachers and staff at Buckhannon Academy Elementary School (BAES) will be able to cancel their gym memberships as a new “Wellness Room” opens in the school.

Meredith Ratliff, new gym teacher at Academy, recently applied for the Active Southern WV Worksite Mini Grant. As a result, BAES was awarded $1,000 from the grant, along with a matched $1,000 from the Rotary Club of Buckhannon-Upshur. The funding was utilized to repurpose the school’s old computer lab into a loaded workout facility for teachers. Because the school had transitioned to Apple for remote learning, the computer lab was no longer needed.

The Wellness Room includes full weight sets, a workout bike, a punching bag, exercise mats, a treadmill, jump ropes, mirrors, medicine balls, and much more.

Teachers and staff can now use the gym space before work, during their lunch breaks, and after school hours. Ratliff has even started surveying staff to provide nutrition plans, workouts, and fitness classes. The helpful information will be accessible through QR codes displayed in the Wellness Room.

BAES Assistant Principal Eric Brand expressed, “I believe it will be the perfect space for our teachers to work on their mental and physical health.”





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