B-UMS welcomes veterans

TENNERTON – “Our country is in your hands,” the speaker said to students at a Veterans Day program at Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School Friday. “It is the youth of today ‘you’ that will be our leaders of tomorrow. It is my hope and prayers that your priorities are God, country and family in that order.”

Bob Post, commander of the American Legion Post 7, said that “Those who had foresight to break away from the King of England, come to America and fight for the forming of a new country we recognize as the United States of America. They put their life on the line for this purpose. Veterans that are still living and most of all those who have given their lives for their country did this for the love of their country. Every individual when they join the military pledges their life and loyalty.

“Now, let’s look at what you as leaders of tomorrow must do to get our country going in the right direction.

Post said that calls for patriotism, Americanism and love of God and country.

Seven years ago, the Frank B. Bartlett chapter Post 7 American Legion passed a resolution that began the efforts to have patriotism as a required subject in the curriculum of all public schools grades K through 12 in the state of West Virginia.

Through the efforts of many people, beginning with the 2013 school year, students began receiving new content standards and objectives in their social studies classes that teach patriotism and Americanism and love of country.

“Changes were made in the social studies curriculum in all grades from K12 in all schools in the state of West Virginia,” Post said. “It is our hope this can spread other states throughout our country.

Post said the main purpose in having patriotism and Americanism taught in K-12 here in West Virginia is because the students will be able to vote when they turn 18 which is an act of patriotism and Americanism is utilizing your right to vote.

“We hope and pray that you will make the right educated decisions in voting and be able to recognize that patriotism, Americanism and love of country is more important than your political party,” he said. “As veterans, we want you to be proud to be an American.”

The program featured musical selections from the B-UMS choir and band. There was also participation from the Elizabeth Zane Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in recognizing each branch of the service.

All veterans and active military were recognized at the end of the program by vice principal Amy Cale.


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