B-UMS musician receives perfect score at regional festival

BUCKHANNON — One sixth grade student at Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School has earned a perfect superior rating at the Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, January 22.

Twelve-year-old Scotty Woody, the son of Amanda and Scott Woody, of Buckhannon, started playing tuba four months ago for the B-UMS Band. Seth Stemple, Director of Bands at B-UMS, said, “If Scotty sticks with his playing, he will soar beyond a state level for sure. I am so proud of him! For a young student, only starting four months ago and to receive a 5/5 superior score at the regional festival, it is just incredible.”

The Central West Virginia Regional is comprised of Upshur, Randolph, Harrison and Lewis counties. The competition is judged by a respected teacher or professor. Musicians are judged by their overall performance and must receive a score of 3/5 to be considered for the state competition. Woody received the perfect score of 5/5. The solo Woody performed was the first solo director Stemple had performed during his first year of college.

Temple expressed, “I was so honored for him to have played the same solo I did.”

For a little information, a tuba weighs approximately 50 pounds and players must use knowledge of tone. Although the tuba is not the hardest brass instrument to play, the long and wide pipe requires more lung and lip power than smaller instruments. The most challenging aspect of playing the tuba is the high ranges. However, the lower register also has its difficulty as the notes are harder to distinguish.

The sixth grader was able to learn and perfect a talent many adults have difficulty doing. Having perfected this talent so quickly, Woody plans to pick up the accordion after the state selection is made. The first time Scotty picked up the tuba, he was just messing around and played “Happy Birthday” so perfectly, Stemple was just blown away.

Woody will have to wait as the regional judges make the final decision in February to determine who will advance to the state competition. The state competition takes place on Thursday, March 3 at the West Virginia Music Educators Association Conference.


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