B-UHS Creative Corner "World Break"

Last week at B-UHS, the fall play Squirrel Girl Goes to College was cast. Elizabeth O’Neill was cast as Squirrel Girl, the main character of the show. Christopher Dunaway was cast as Tomás Lara-Perez, the love interest of Squirrel Girl and one of her best friends. Shawnte Mcwhorter was cast as Nancy Whitehead, Squirrel Girl’s roommate and another one of her best friends. Brittany Sponnugle was cast as Tippy-Toe, Squirrel Girl’s best squirrel friend. Heather Humphrey was cast as Professor Brightmind and Good Teacher. Elijah Sharp was cast as MODOC, the main antagonist of the play. Christian Adams was cast as Doctor Doom, the minor antagonist of the play. Ethan Lawrence was cast as Smartnoggin and Mean Teacher. Emma Light was cast as Freak, a sidekick to MODOC. The squirrel chorus, acting as the Greek chorus is made up of Kiley Fasick, Kyia Mcgill, Emma Hicks, and Alexis Lewis. 

The show is being directed by Jeramiah Smallridge and will be the competition piece for Buckhannon-Upshur High School this year.

Enjoy the following creative writing submission by a B-UHS student.

“World Break”

 by Alexis Lewis

As I approached the door, I stared at the crumpled page in my hand that the old man had given to me. I bit the inside of my lip as I pulled my necklace with the key at the end over my head, staring at it, feeling the cool, bronze metal in my hand. I ran my thumb over it, thinking. 

I decisively shoved the necklace into my pocket with one hand, and reached up to pull a bobby-pin out of my hair with the other. I stared at the pin for a moment before shoving it in the keyhole. I wiggled it for a moment, wondering if something would happen.

For a moment, there was nothing.

Then, a white light began flooding from the cracks around the door, glowing brighter and brighter. 

I stumbled backwards, startled. I fell and began trying to run back down the once dark hallway that was now flooded with light. I ran as fast as I could, trying to escape. The walls began to crumble around me, light flooding my senses, now glowing dark even brighter than before. I could hear the deafening screech in my ears, and it took over all my senses. I fell again, and covered my head as the world came crashing down around me. Then everything went silent and dark again. 

I open my eyes, and I’m back in my bed, waking up at the same time that I had that morning: 6:03 a.m., February 21. 

Something is different though. I now have a screen in front of my face that reads:

‘Loading Checkpoint: Save Progress?’ 

Under which there are green buttons saying:

‘Yes’ and ‘No’ 

I reach towards the button reading ‘No’ in confusion. 

A bright flash of green light flashes across my vision before disappearing along with the screen. Another screen pops up moments later reading:

‘Deleting Progress: Please Wait.’ 

My eyes widen as I stare at the screen, panicking slightly. But it’s too late. Everything goes dark again. And this time, nothing comes back.


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