B-UHS Creative Corner "Organizing for October!"

I have been looking for ways to stay organized, while still maintaining flexibility and creativity. In thinking on this topic, I realized I have access to a very dedicated young lady who specializes in bullet journaling. She offered to write the column this week about her hobby, and I thought it would be a wonderful subject for the community. – By Ms. Meese

Bullet Journaling is the best way to stay organized! There are just so many benefits to it. For me, bullet journaling is something that calms me down and helps with my organization. A bullet journal is a type of agenda that you make, some can be simple while others can be extravagant. Some involved drawings, pictures, color coding, etc. 

A bullet journal can be done in any type of notebook and literally done with just a single pen; mine is done in a dotted grid notebook. Setting one up can take less than 10 minutes. I do my bullet journal in my free time and it usually takes the full month before the month I am designing for. There are also special pages you can put into them such as a page dedicated to your favorite quote, keeping a list of all the movies you’ve watched during the year, or if you have certain goals, you can do a page just for that.

Each month typically has its own theme. I use Pinterest to find ideas and create my own version from inspiration. My theme for October 2019 is Halloween. There is a mixture of pumpkins, ghosts, and different Halloween quotes for each week. In my bullet journal, I dedicate two pages per week, but some people prefer to use just one page. The two-page set up lets me be more creative with my theme and add more boxes for things such as school or my goals for the week. I have already started on next month’s theme: coffee! – By Rayven Sipe


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