B-UHS Creative Corner Homecoming is just around the bend!

This year’s Homecoming theme is “To the Stars”. The theme is not only used for Homecoming itself, but it is also being used in a competition during school hours. B-UHS students have been challenged to design a work of art on their advisory class door. 

In this competition, advisory classes go head-to-head to see who can create the best art for their class’s door. The winners of the competition will be rewarded with a pizza party for their efforts. The students are allowed to work on their doors until this Friday. The school counselors will then pick the winners of the competition.

The door decorating contest correlates to the Homecoming theme every year. This year’s theme, “To the Stars”, leaves a lot of room for creative interpretation. Shawnte McWhorter, Dane Ammons and Alex Black have been working diligently on Ms. Meese’s door. Every advisory group seems to have an original idea! 

By Heather Humphrey

But of course, the Homecoming themed doors are far from the only student-decorated décor at B-UHS. Patty Wager’s Crafts and Art II classes work year-round to paint windows with seasonal decorations. While advisory groups are hard at work on their doors, these artists spread throughout the school halls to fill every clear nook with art. 

Last year, they even began to tackle the stairs, painting them to look like the spines of book covers. Angie Westfall, our Media Specialist and Librarian, often decorates the library, and she proposed the concept of books on the stairs leading the students to the physical library, encouraging them to read. Mrs. Wager loved the idea and got her students involved right away. 

It is no surprise she was enthused, since Mrs. Wager has also been heading up much of the Homecoming Parade decorations for years. This year, some of her advanced students are working on signs inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Haylee Rice has spent the past two weeks making car signs for the parade, along with several of her fellow classmates. 

Homecoming may ultimately come down to the final game, but the artists of B-UHS are hard at work transforming the space into a starry night sky. 

By Ms. Meese


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