B-UHS Creative Corner "Chinese New Year"

Chinese New Year

On Monday, February 3, Buckhannon-Upshur High School held their second Chinese New Year celebration, or most commonly called, the Spring Festival: (chún jie). All of the students invited their families and friends to come and watch their celebration of the Chinese New Year, which takes place on the first full moon of the Lunar calendar. 

High school classes sang songs, ribbon danced, recited poetry and Chinese tongue twisters, and presented the meaning of the festival. The middle school class also sang songs and participated in charades with the audience, winning prizes like red pockets full of candy and fortunes. 

What does the Chinese New Year mean though? It means celebrating the new year, eating tons of food, spending time with your family, and overall just taking a break from work or school. It’s extremely similar to our New Year celebration, but has some differences when it comes to the means of celebration. The Chinese will have Fire towers, and firecrackers set off all to scare off the evil Nian monster (Chinese story) and put red scrolls on their doors and around them to ward off bad luck for the coming year. A lot of traditions encircle the festivities though, like cleaning your house to remove all the bad luck and wearing new clothes to come into the new year “clean”. We will also visit elder family members or friends to give respect and good wishes for the coming year. Children are gifted with red pockets full of money by their elders as a means of enjoying their time off.

The classes that came together to celebrate fully enjoyed their families watching all their performances they’d practiced and spending time with their classmates. It was our largest celebration yet, with last year’s celebration only having the Chinese 1 and 2 class from the high school and the Chinese 1 class from the middle school in attendance. Hopefully we have more celebrations to come, and enjoy your new year! 


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