Attorney General Patrick Morrisey weighs in on overdose deaths

CHARLESTON — West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey issued the following statement on the news that over 93,331 people lost their lives last year to drug overdose, the highest number ever.

“The news today about the exploding amount of deaths due to drug overdose is really terrible for the Mountain State, but it is avoidable. The reality is that we’re seeing significant spikes in fentanyl deaths, and there are some very specific actions that the federal government can take. First of all, they have to close the borders. We have porous borders, and that’s part of what’s happening. A lot of illicit fentanyl is flooding into our state, and it’s happening all across America. That needs to be a priority of the Biden administration and the next set of U.S. attorneys that come through.

“I am gearing up for court battles if they don’t fix this problem soon. Because that’s how West Virginia experiences the illegal immigration problem: It’s through the drug trafficking and the cartels from Mexico.”