Argo Books hosts Forensic Science workshop

BUCKHANNON — On Saturday, July 30, stop by Argo Books from 12 to 3 p.m. for a Forensic Science Workshop with Professor Kristy Henson from Fairmont State University. Ages 10 and up are welcome to attend.

Part 1: Secrets in Bone – 1.5 hours

Join forces with a professor specializing in human skeletal remains (forensic anthropology) and learn how to reveal evidence in bones. Learn how to identify a skeleton’s age, gender and height. Also learn how to tell if a bone belongs to an animal or person with hands-on exploration of skeletons.

Part I: Labeling and learning the bones

Part II: Osteometric measurements

Part III: Determining sex

Part IV: Determining ancestry

Part V: Determining age

Part VI: Determining height

Part 2: A bloody mess– 1.5 hours

Forensic scientists gain a lot of information from blood collected at a crime scene. In this workshop, students will learn what’s in blood, how to determine blood type, match DNA extracted from blood and calculate blood spatter. Learn how forensic scientists solve a crime from a few drops of blood.

Part I: Learning different types of blood and how blood type is used in a crime scene. Try to match blood type to crime scene.

Part II: Discuss what blood cells you use to extract DNA, then look at DNA profiles and try to match them to the crime scene.

Part III: Look at blood spatter on different surfaces. Learn how to calculate angle of impact of blood spatter then test these techniques on different surfaces.


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