Another Fearless Football Forecast victory for yours truly

BUCKHANNON – Well now, its going to be interesting to see how the Big 10 Conference (the collegiate one not the local high school) handles the Ohio State situation.

Will they stick to their guns and follow the rules THEY put in place or will they be spineless and cave into the money and prestige of getting the Buckeyes into the college play-offs?

If you haven’t been keeping track of this new development, on Tuesday morning, Michigan canceled their upcoming game with No 3. Ohio State because of numerous COVID-19 cases within their program.

Why does this matter?

The cancellation of this game puts Ohio State at five total games played this season, which is under the threshold put forth by the Big Ten conference to compete in the conference championship game against Northwestern.

The Big 10 rule, put in place prior to their season starting in September, stated that teams must play in six games to qualify for the championship game unless the average number of games played throughout the conference falls below six.

Ohio State is 5-0 now with no regular season games scheduled, at least for now.

The Big 10 athletic directors were supposed to meet Wednesday for a regularly scheduled meeting.

Will they bend the rules to let the league’s supposedly best team into the title game on Dec. 19?

If not, do they deserve to be in the college play-offs when they aren’t even eligible to play in their conference championship game?

Does the Big 10 rearrange the schedule to at least give the Buckeyes a sixth game on Dec. 19 even if it’s not in the title game to enhance their resume to get into the play-offs?

If the rules are changed to allow Ohio State to play, that would eliminate Indiana from the Big Ten title game.

The Hoosiers lost head-to-head to Ohio State for their only defeat of the season. Their administrators also voted for the six-game minimum along with the rest of the league.

Ethics anyone?

It will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out. (See updated story on page 2B).

Turning to the Fearless Football Forecast, it was an unusual season to say the least.

Because of the COVID-19 situation and the uncertainty of how many games would be played, we decided to forgo our pick ‘em contest to all of our readers this season and just have myself, along with Number One Auto Sales Manager Shea Phillips pick games.

And in the interest to reduce all of the chaos, we picked just five games a week instead of 15.

In the end though the result was still the same, yours truly emerged victorious once again.

Despite only going 3-2 last week, I managed a 48-14 record.

Shea bottomed out last week going 1-4 to finish with a season mark of 39-23.

Hopefully, things can return to normal here at the Fearless Football Forecast but honestly, I am not very optimistic they will.

But until then, enjoy what is left of the college and pro seasons, stay safe, and we will see everyone next August!


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