Andrick stays hot for tennis Bucs as they prepare for regionals

BUCKHANNON – Caden Andrick continued his strong play coming out of the Big 10 Conference Championships with a pair of victories last week against University and Morgantown at the West Virginia Wesleyan tennis courts.

Andrick beat University’s Tommy McClellan by a 9-7 score last Monday and followed that up with an 8-2 win over Morgantown’s Max Phillips Hartley on Thursday at No. 2 singles.

Those were the only two victories the Bucs recorded, but head coach Jason Rock was impressed with how much better his team played their regional rivals at home than on the road four weeks ago.

The two matches wrapped up the regular season for the Bucs.

“It was good finishing our regular matches with University and Morgantown because they are probably the two best teams in our region,” noted Rock. “They were our first two regional matches back in April and about a month later it is great to see us compete better. Our team has gotten a lot better as a whole. Against University, I was really proud of our boys. They played a complete match and their best overall team match of the season. All seven matches were competitive and had a few points gone our way, we could have had the chance to beat one of the top teams in the state.

The Bucs own a 10-5 record heading into Thursday’s opening day of the Region I Tournament at Marilla Park in Morgantown

The results:

University 6                                                          Buckhannon-Upshur 1


No. 1 – Andre Barcinas (U) def. Aden Pitts, 9-7

No. 2 – Caden Andrick (B-U) def. Tommy McClellan, 9-7

No. 3 – Jameson Walters (U) def. Hank Phillips, 8-5

No. 4 – Jack Giobbia (U) def. Mauricio Menendez, 8-6


No. 1 – Barcinas/McClellan (U) def. Pitts/Menendez, 8-4

No. 2 – Walters/Giobbia (U) def. Andrick/Phillips, 9-7

No. 3 – Salad Abunnaja/Julian Stealey (U) def. Garrett Materne/Bailey Cleavenger, 8-6

Morgantown 6                                                     Buckhannon-Upshur 1


No. 1 – Ataes Aggarula (M) def. Aden Pitts, 8-3

No. 2 – Caden Andrick (B-U) def. Max Phillips Hartley, 8-2

No. 3 – Adien Arrarula (M) def. Hank Phillips, 9-8(7-5)

No. 4 – Bennett Hall (M) def. Mauricio Menendez, 8-1


No. 1 – Ataes Aggarula/Hartley (M) def. Pitts/Menendez, 8-2

No. 2 – Adien Aggarual/Hall (M) def. Andrick/Phillips, 8-6

No. 3 – Dake LaSala/Doug Liu (M) def.  Garrett Materne/Bailey Cleavenger, 9-8(7-0).



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