Andrick and Phillips clean up for B-U at Big 10 Conference championships

Caden Andrick (left) and Hank Phillips (right) display their 2021 No. 2 doubles championships bracket after winning the Big 10 Conference championships last week in Clarksburg. Both Andrick and Phillips are double champs as Andrick won the conference title at No. 2 singles while Phillips won the conference championship at No. 3 singles. The Bucs finished second as a team one-point behind Bridgeport.

CLARKSBURG – Buckhannon-Upshur’s Caden Andrick and Hank Phillips are double Big 10 Conference championships after competing in the tournament last week.

Andrick won the No. 2 singles title while Phillips won the conference championship at No. 3 singles.

Then the duo won the No. 2 doubles title together.

Andrick was the top seed going into the tournament at No. 2 singles.

He earned a first-round bye, then downed Robert C. Byrd’s Simon Boehke by an 8-1 score.

He beat Lewis County’s Zach Stalnaker by a 8-1 count in the semifinals then beat Bridgeport’s Paul Hong in the finals by an 8-1 score.

Phillips was the top seed as well at No. 3.

He had a first-round bye, then beat Lincoln’s Chase Kniceley in the second round by an 8-3 score and knocked off Bridgeport’s Jacob Holbert by an 8-4 count.

He defeated East Fairmont’s Atticus Reese 8-3 for the conference title.

As a pair, the duo was ranked first and beat Jessie Wade and Logan Musgrave of North Marion, 8-2, in the second round and defeated Josh Jackson and Jensen Clayton of Bridgeport, 8-2, in the semis.

The won their doubles title with an 8-1 win over Elkins’ Aaron Elliot and Austin Harris.

“Caden and Hank really deserved their titles in singles and doubles because those guys have put in so much work and are such solid young men on and off the court,” remarked Buckhannon-Upshur head coach Jason Rock.

Six of the seven Buckhannon-Upshur entries made it to the finals, but the Bucs had to settle for second place in the team standings.

Bridgeport won the team title with 23 points while the Bucs were runner-up with 22. East Fairmont and Elkins tied for a distant third with nine points.

Aden Pitts was ranked second at No. 1 singles and received a first-round bye, beat North Marion’s David Darrah in the second round (8-2), defeated East Fairmont’s Eli Morris in the semis (8-4), but lost in the finals to Bridgeport’s Ty Gandy (8-4).

Mauricio Menendez was the top seed at No. 4 singles for the Bucs.

He got a first-round bye, beat Grafton’s Eli Kittle in the second round (8-4), downed Lincoln’s Rylee Barnard in the semis (8-2) but dropped an 8-2 decision to Bridgeport’s Josh Jackson in the title clash.

In doubles, the No. 3 B-U team of Garrett Materne and Bailey Cleavenger made it to the finals as the third seed.

They had first-round bye, beat North Marion’s Michael Bittinger and Jordan Cox in the second round (8-1), defeated Lewis County’s Mason Murray and Trenton Bush in the semis (8-2) but fell in the finals to Bridgeport’s Jacob Holbert and Gregory Noone (8-4).

The Bucs No. 1 doubles team of Pitt and Menendez were seeded third and made it to the semifinals.

They had a first-round bye, beat North Marion’s David Darrah and Brody Hall in the second round (8-1) but dropped an 8-0 decision to Ty Gandy and Paul Hong of Bridgeport.

“The boys did very well overall,” stated Rock. “I think Aden played one of his best singles matches of the season in his final. Mauricio and Aden played a great match in doubles against Bridgeport and hustled for every ball. I was proud of Garrett and Bailey getting a solid win over Lewis County in the semi's after losing to them earlier in the season.”

The Bucs were slated to play University this past Monday and Morgantown on Thursday.

The results:


1. Bridgeport 23; 2. Buckhannon-Upshur 22; 3. (tie) East Fairmont and Elkins 9; 5. Lincoln 6; 6. Robert C. Byrd 5; 7. Lewis County 4; 8. (tie) North Marion and Grafton 3; 10. Fairmont Senior 2; 11 (tie) Liberty and Philip Barbour 0.



No. 1 – Aden Pitts

First Round – Bye

Second Round – def. David Darrah (NM), 8-2

Semifinals – def. Eli Morris (EF), 8-4

Finals – lost to Ty Gandy (Bport), 8-4

No. 2 – Caden Andrick

First Round – Bye

Second Round – def. Simon Boehke (RCB), 8-1

Semifinals – def. Zach Stalnaker (LC), 8-1

Finals – def. Paul Hong (Bport), 8-1

No. 3 – Hank Phillips

First Round – Bye

Second Round – def. Chase Kniceley (Lin), 8-3

Semifinals – def. Jacob Holbert (Bport), 8-4

Finals – def. Atticus Reese (EF), 8-3

No. 4 – Mauricio Menendez

First Round – Bye

Second Round – def. Eli Kittle (Graf), 8-4

Semifinals – def. Rylee Barnard (Lin), 8-2

Finals – lost to Josh Jackson (Bport), 8-2


No. 1 – Pitts/Menendez

First Round – Bye

Second Round – def. David Darrah/Brody Hall (NM), 8-1

Semifinals – lost to Ty Gandy/Paul Hong (Bport), 8-0

No. 2 – Andrick/Phillips

First Round – Bye

Second Round – def. Jessie Wade/Logan Musgrave (NM), 8-2

Semifinals – def. Josh Jackson/Jensen Clayton (Bport), 8-2

Finals – def. Aaron Ellliott/Austin Harris (Elk), 8-1

No. 3 – Garrett Materne/Bailey Cleavenger

First Round – Bye

Second Round – def. John Michael Bittinger/Jordan Cox (NM), 8-1

Semifinals – def. Mason Murray/Trenton Bush (LC), 8-2

Finals – lost to Jacob Holbert/Gregory Noone (Bport), 8-4.

Big 10 Conference Champions


No. 1 – Ty Gandy (Bridgeport)

No. 2 – Caden Andrick (Buckhannon-Upshur)

No. 3 – Hank Phillips (Buckhannon-Upshur)

No. 4 —  Josh Jackson (Bridgeport)


No. 1 – Ty Gandy/Paul Hong (Bridgeport)

No. 2 – Caden Andrick/Hank Phillips (Buckhannon-Upshur)

No. 3 – Jacob Holbert/Gregory Noone (Bridgeport)



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