Agriculture is life

Everything we consume on a day-to-day basis is nothing separate from the conventional, instinctive process of daily life that we all share. It is so automatic for us that we may often forget all the labor and hard work it takes to supply the proper nutrition and nourishment people need in order to live, but the West Virginia Farm Bureau does just that. 

Agriculture may be Farm Bureau’s focus, but they do so much more.  They reach out to all sorts of folks with dedication to improving the quality of life through education.  They invest their time in discussing and speaking out about important and concerning issues.  The Farm Bureau provides an impressive service by making it their objective to supply training, education, leadership, information, and other economic services for their members and the community.

The WV Farm Bureau is a non-profit organization established in 1919, making them a century old this year. It was developed for farmers by farmers, and supports the rights of landowners. The organization has a vast history of accomplishments and finding resolve for the state of West Virginia.  Private property rights protection, right to farm legislation, and installment of the WV Fresh Food Act are but a few of the many and major successes that Farm Bureau has accomplished for the state.  They conduct business and carry out what needs to be addressed and appropriated in association with the state capitol at Charleston and in Washington, D.C. There are approximately six million farmers, ranchers, and consumers on a national level that make up the American Farm Bureau Federation. It is imperative that the public be educated about where their food is coming from, and understand why it is important to obtain support from the community about agriculture.

Upshur County’s Farm Bureau hosted a meeting Tuesday evening, covering a range of topics and announcements.  Administrator of the committee, Steve Butler, recently attended a conference in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and returned with an insightful report.  He posed a cautionary statement for farmers to be aware of.  “Pennsylvania has been having a problem with spotted lanternfly that hasn’t been found officially in West Virginia yet,” he stated.  The insect is a planthopper indigenous to China, India, and Vietnam that feeds on grapes and stone fruits. He continued explaining, “Some things that Penn State has done studies on is that this species has wiped out some vineyards north of us. There may need to be an initiative in proactiveness for possibly eradicating the invasive species Tree of Heaven plants, as it was found that this is the spotted lanternfly’s main food source.” 

The meeting continued with many others speaking out on various issues.  Doug Bush provided some inviting topics and made a few announcements during the meeting.  He stated, “I found out through the NRCS that our district has the most greenhouses in the state. There are so many greenhouses that have been built that are vacant now after a few years.  If people can’t find a way to make their cultivation profitable or if it’s too much work for them, we can try to restore these unused greenhouses so people can continue their work effectively.”  Bush is a district supervisor for Tygart Valley Conservation that serves Barbour, Randolph, Taylor, Tucker, and Upshur counties.  

Bush also announced the Fall Family Fun Day that will be held on September 21, 10 a.m.-1p.m., at the 4-H Camp in Randolph County, hosted by Camp Pioneer and Tygart Valley Conservation District.  There will be various vendors, speakers and exhibits with fun and educational activities for those wanting to learn more about agriculture.  Those wishing to participate need to call (RSVP) Tygart Valley Conservation at 304-457-3026 by September 13 to reserve a place.

For anyone interested in joining WV Farm Bureau, there are a wide range of benefits to being a member.  WV Farm Bureau lives by the motto, “We Pull the Most When We Pull Together,” and continues to defend the rights of farmers and consumers, improving our quality of life.  The WV Farm Bureau encourages farmers, property owners, and youth to be a voice for agriculture in the Mountain State. You can contact Upshur County Farm Bureau at 304-472-2080 or by visiting for more information on membership and upcoming events.


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