About 25 attend training session for new volunteer center website

BUCKHANNON — The Buckhannon Volunteer Center website is now up and running following its official launch Wednesday afternoon.

The website, buckhannonwv.galaxydigital.com, serves as a virtual hub for connecting volunteers and organizations together to provide community service in Upshur County.

The City of Buckhannon received a grant through Volunteer West Virginia and the Volunteer Generation Fund which is funding Sarah Campbell’s part-time position and the set-up of the volunteer center. 

Campbell was hired as the volunteer coordinator and has been overseeing the development of promotional materials and the volunteer website.On Wednesday, Campbell hosted an informational session and website launch.

The city will also provide a physical hub for the center.

“If there is an opportunity for us to share resources and do better or connect to organizations that are interested in doing something similar to make something better, we want to help in that,“ she said.

“We also want to provide opportunities for organizations and individuals such as trainings in town or across the state.”

The virtual hub has benefits for both volunteers and for the organizations that need the volunteers.

“It’s really user-friendly,” she said. “That is my favorite part about it and that is one of the things we really looked for when picking a platform to use.”

Users can customize searches based on their available time or what they want to do.

“If someone has to do court-mandated community service, they can search for opportunities that will allow them to volunteer,” she said.

Another benefit of registering with the site is the tracking component.

“Volunteers can track their impact and the hours they did,” Campbell said. “This is something that will be helpful for students.

The user can even print a volunteer resume to show what they have done.

The benefits for organizations include being able to post multiple volunteer needs at one time, have volunteers record hours through checking in or checking out on the computer or their phone, email notifications when volunteers have responded to needs and serving as a hub for information on trainings, news and more.

“This is really convenient for organizations when it comes time to write grants,” Campbell said of keeping track of volunteer hours.

When organizations sign up for the website, they can also choose to take an agency manager training that will explain how to track volunteer data, post needs/volunteer opportunities, etc.


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