A dash of kindness

BUCKHANNON — People have been trying to find different ways to spread kindness, especially during the spread of COVID-19 and the winter months. DoorDash customers in particular are using the app to feed not only elderly neighbors, they are using it to deliver food to the homeless population.

For example, one man in Virginia ordered 10 pizzas from a local restaurant. When the DoorDash employee arrived to the location, the gentleman who ordered the pizzas tipped the young driver $100 with one task. She was asked to drive around and give one pizza to each homeless person she came across. Due to the cold temperatures, there was a possibility that not many people were walking the streets. The DoorDash customer advised her to deliver the pizzas to several local shelters throughout the area.

According to emergenresearch.com, “DoorDash, Inc. is a U.S.-based online food ordering and delivery platform having a 56% market share in the United States, making it the largest food delivery company in the country.” Tony Xu, Andy Fang and Stanley Tang cofounded DoorDash in 2013. Based out of San Francisco, Calif., DoorDash has spread all across the U.S., as well as Japan, Germany, Australia and Canada. The delivery service, operating as an app, allows customers to order food from any participating restaurant and have it hand-delivered. The company also offers job opportunities for people looking to work on a self-made schedule.

To become a customer, an account must be created through the DoorDash app. Once created, customers will be able to place orders from an assortment of restaurants. The entirety of the transaction takes place on the app from ordering to payment.

To become a “dasher,” interested parties must meet the following requirements:

• Must be 18 or older

• Must have transportation

• Must possess a valid driver’s license

• Must provide a valid social security number

• Must consent to a background check

When an order comes through to the dasher’s device, the employee must pick up the prepaid order and deliver it to the customer’s address (work, home, library, etc.). Once completed, the dasher receives an allotted pay amount for the delivery, plus any tips given by the customer.

All the Upshur County fast food restaurants offer DoorDash delivery, as well as some dine-in restaurants like The Whistle Stop Bar and Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings, The Huddle House, several pizza restaurants and others. To see all local places offering DoorDash services, download the app, available on the App Store and Google Play, or call the establishment.

The example above proves that modern technology and services can be used to help a neighbor or someone who is in a tough spot.


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