2022 Strawberry Festival Royalty Elects announced

BUCKHANNON — 2022 marks the 80th year of the West Virginia Strawberry Festival and it was only fitting that the pageant was presented in a 1980s theme on Saturday. Upon walking into the Buckhannon-Upshur High School auditorium, classic 80s music could be heard. Those in attendance, who loved the 80s, were enjoying the nostalgia. Royalty from both past and present festivals from all over the state were in attendance, as well as family and friends who came to cheer on their Strawberry Festival Queen pageant contenders.

At 2 p.m., the pageant began with the contestants taking to the stage for introductions, donning 80s-themed sportswear. Some of the ladies took cues from 80s fitness wear, complete with fanny pack and the ever-iconic high ponytails. Other attire included 80s glam with bold colors and prints.

Following the introductions, the event took a brief intermission to allow the contestants to prepare for the evening wear portion of the pageant. Once ready, the contestants walked elegantly on stage showing off their beautiful smiles and exquisite gowns. The queen contenders also participated in a Question and Answer event, hosted by the 2021 Strawberry Festival Queen Caylie Simmons and Strawberry Teen Queen Madison Stellato.

After the pageant concluded, the judges scores were calculated and the winners were finally announced. The winners include: Queen Madison Burnside, First Maid Nola Riley and Second Maid Katie Anna Hitt. The winners in the Teen Division include Queen Cadence Ringer, First Maid NinaMae Coberly and Second Maid Grace Snider. The winner for the Ms. Division is Queen Susie Potter. The winners in the Mrs. Division include Queen Kari Park and First Maid Ruthann Nuzum.

Finally, and most anticipated, was the announcement of the 2022 West Virginia Strawberry Festival Queen and her court. Kelsey Hill was named the 2022 West Virginia Strawberry Festival Queen elect, Jenna Biggs was named First Maid, and Kendall Marshall was named Second Maid.

Additionally, the 2022 West Virginia Strawberry Festival King Elect was announced to be Franklin Bush Jr., who was also previously Junior Royalty King in 2016 with his Queen, Madison Stellato.

The next pageant is scheduled for Saturday, March 12 at 1 p.m. at the Way of Holiness Church, located at 2337 Old Weston Road.

For more information, be sure to go to wvstrawberryfestival.com or follow the WVSF Facebook page. Be sure to look for all the future WVSF coverage in upcoming editions of The Record Delta.


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