15 Questions With... Dawson Carpenter

BUCKHANNON – In this edition of 15 Questions With…we interview senior Dawson Carpenter to see what he enjoys about being a Buccaneer and life in general.

Carpenter has competed in soccer and lacrosse at  Buckhannon-Upshur.


1.  What has been your favorite athletic moment at Buckhannon-Upshur that you participated in?

My favorite athletic moment would be when we went to states for lacrosse my freshman year it was such a neat experience.

2. Describe your toughest practice at Buckhannon-Upshur.

My freshman year, the lacrosse team thought it would be funny to go to a baseball game before practice. Our coach didn’t think it was funny and we had to run what we call squats of death.

3.  Do you have a favorite saying from one of your head coaches?

“How do you spell fun, W I N.” — Dave Lewellyn

4.  What was or is your favorite class you have taken at Buckhannon-Upshur and who taught it? Why was it your favorite?

I would say my favorite class would be science my freshman year. I had a lot of my friends in that class and it was really fun. Mr. Koba taught it.

5.  What is your favorite thing about being a Buccaneer?

My favorite thing about about being a Buccaneer is the atmosphere. At home soccer games the student section was always packed.

6.  Who is your hero and why?

I’d say I don’t really have a hero. There’s a lot of great people in my life I strive to be like.

7.  What do you want to be when you grow up?

I hope to be a electrical lineman when I get older.

8.  What are your initial plans after graduation this spring?

Well, after graduation, since I know we’re having one now, I’m going to get a summer job.

9.  What question do you hate to answer?

I don’t really hate to answer any questions.

10.  Who is the best athlete in your family?

There are quite a few athletes in my family but I think I’m the best of course, with my older brother coming in second.

11.  What is your favorite restaurant and why?

My favorite restaurant is the Shogun because the food is so good and it’s a lot of fun to go with family or friends.

12.  Do you have a favorite vacation spot? If so, where?

My favorite vacation spot would be camping anywhere with my family. It’s always fun playing frisbee, soccer, volleyball and fishing.

13.  Social media…in favor of it or wish it would go away?

Personally I would like to see social media go away because it takes away so much from life happening now.

14.  What is the worst movie you have ever seen? Best movie you have ever seen?

I can’t think of a movie I dislike. I really enjoy Star Wars and the Indian Jones movies.

15.  What advice would you give to a young athlete ready to start his/her time as a Buccaneer?

Take it all in, hang out with your team, spend time together between two-a-days and make all the memories you can because it could be the last time you play a sport.


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